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Chatri Sityodtong spent £400,000 to send 100 of his employees on vacation to theMaldives.

Chatri Sityodtong抛40万英镑送100员工马尔代夫之旅

The founder of Evolve, an MMA company, decided to express his gratitude to his employees for increasing the company’s income by 30% each year with this grand gift. And it’s not the first trip, either. Sityodtong arranged for an amazing employee vacation before, and it’s worth mentioning that the location is always kept secret. The only thing his employees know for sure is that they can expect luxurious apartments in a 5-star hotel.

Evolve (怡峰)公司是一家社交媒体公司,其创始人Chatri Sityodtong豪爽送出这份大礼是为了感谢其员工为公司增加的30%收益。但Sityodtong也不是第一次送出这样的旅行大礼了。他之前就为员工安排过一次,而且啊,他竟然对每次的目的地都事先保密。员工唯一能知道的是,他们一定会住在五星级酒店的豪华套房中。

BrewDog brewery management gives a week’s leave to employees who take in a puppy.


When a new family member appears, be it a puppy or a pound dog, it’s always very emotional and takes time to get used to.

Earlier, all employees of the Scottish brewery could take their new pets to work, but now they get paid leave if they take in a puppy or a dog from the pound.





Dan Price shared part of his income 

with his employees.


Dan Price, founder of Gravity Payments, thanked his employees for their work with a hefty bonus and shared his own income to increase everyone’s wages to $70,000 a year.

丹·普莱斯是西雅图支付交易公司Gravity Payments的创始人,他给员工丰厚奖金,并拿出自己的工资答谢员工,将所有人的年薪增至7万美元。

The boomerang of kindness didn’t wait long to return to him. As a sign of gratitude to the best boss in the world, the employees saved up for 6 months and gave him a surprise in the middle of the working day: when Dan refused himself millions and began earning $70,000 like all the rest, he couldn’t afford the electric car he’d been dreaming about, but his employees made his dream come true.



Stefan Sagmeister gives his employees a 

year-long leave every 7 years.

Stefan Sagmeister每七年就给员工放假一年

This famous graphic designer and owner of Sagmeister & Walsh thinks that if you don’t have such a lengthy vacation, you can burn out as an artist and lose your potential. To prove the point, during his own first vacation, Stefan not only recuperated and traveled the world but also came up with a lot of new ideas that he then brought about in the following 7 years.


Stefan Sagmeister是纽约时尚工作室Sagmeister & Walsh的老板兼平面设计师,他认为如果假期不足够长,艺术家的热情就会消耗殆尽、艺术家也将潜质不再。Stefan在他自己的第一个假期里不光修身养性、周游世界,还萌生了许多新的想法,都为之后的七年所用,有力地证明了他的观点。


Lee McAteer transformed the office into a ball pit

Lee McAteer将办公室改造成彩球池

Every good boss strives to make the working place of their employees as comfortable as possible to make them feel better and work more productively. The owner of Invasion in Manchester,UK, went even further. The boss surprised his employees by turning the office into a giant ball pit. Lee and his assistants were busy unloading 250,000 colorful balls from 3 a.m. to 8 a.m. Some might say the employees’ lives won’t change after that, but that’s not true. The boss gave his workers what can’t be taken away: the happiness and good mood that they’ll remember for life.



Hime & Co management lets their female employees have a day off if they 

break up with their boyfriends.

和男友掰了没关系,Hime & Co公司给你放一天假

The marketing company sympathizes with love issues as they cause tremendous tumult in a person’s heart that takes time to subside. Interestingly, 20-year-old ladies only have one day off to cry their hearts out; those older than 25 may have 2 days, and 30+ women can have 3 days. The management of the company thinks that the older a woman gets, the harder a breakup hits her, so she needs more time to recuperate. Besides, it’s not the only bonus the Hime & Co employees receive: everyone can spend half a day shopping during the season sales.

Hime & Co销售公司对感情问题一向十分体谅,公司觉得感情问题给人带来的心灵重创是需要时间来平复的。有趣的是,公司只给20岁的女员工一天肆意伤心的时间,25岁以上的女员工给两天,30岁以上的给三天。公司管理者认为女性年龄越大,分手对她的影响就更大,所以会给她们更长的恢复时间。除了这个,Hime & Co公司还有着其它福利:换季特销的时候,每个员工都能放半天“购物假”。



Alex Rios bought a car for his chef who was 

late for work.

Alex Rios给迟到的厨师买车


For several years, Veronica Solis proved to Alex Rios that she was the best possible chef for his daycare by her diligence and hard work. The woman who won a battle with cancer was an inspiration to her boss to never give up. However, one day, she called him in tears and asked him to hire someone else to do the job because she couldn’t be at work on time due to public transport issues, thus putting his business in jeopardy. Instead of firing Veronica, Alex solved the problem by buying her a car. As he put it himself, "It’s not every day that we can give this kind of present to people, but if we can, why not do so?"


维拉妮卡·索利斯多年来都兢兢业业,用勤奋努力向老板 亚历克斯·里欧斯证明自己绝对是白班里数一数二的厨师。这个战胜过癌症的女人曾教会了她的老板亚历克斯永不言弃的道理。但就是这个女人,有一天突然在电话里向老板哭诉,说让他找人代替自己的工作,原因竟然是她觉得因为自己乘坐公共交通,总是不能按时到岗,影响了他的生意。亚历克斯并没有解雇维拉妮卡,而是为她购置了一辆汽车,解决了她的困扰。就如他所说,“我们也并不是每天都能送人这样的大礼,但我们既然有能力,何乐而不为呢?”





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